Since a long time I have been busy with old Zippo from 30s, 40s and 50s years, and often those old Zippo had to be repaired or restored. This is why I have started my own, private "Hospital".

I try to bring old lighters back to the original condition. Therefore I have to make some parts by myself (for example: piston spring or 3 and 4 barrel hinges).

Here you have a look to a few repairs, I have made.

1. 1934 - 1936 piston-insert ( coiled spring )


  Reparatur-Pisten-Insert1 Reparatur-Pisten-Insert2    
2. 1953 insert ( humped spring )


  53er Feder 1 Federn 53er Feder 2 53er Feder 3
3. 1942  Black Crackle (4 barrel hinge)                                            


  42er Black Crackle vorher 42er Black Crackle nachher 42er Black Crackle nachher  
4. original Viet Nam Zippo (5 barrel hinge)
5. 3, 4, 5 barrel hinges




Prof. Red Felt